Spin-off of the University of Namur at the heart of Wallonia, Belgium

About Our Founders


Professor of Requirement Engineering and Computer Programming at the University of Namur, Patrick Heymans chaired the main conferences of his domain (RE and RESQ) and earned four scientific awards for his work on expressing configuration constraints in a textual, and therefore programmable, language. With the help of his team of researchers he created the AI engine used by SkalUP today. He founded the company in 2015 with his associate Maxime Cordy. 


After living for many years in the world of applied mathematics, Dr. Maxime Cordy got interested in all aspects of software design and development. Being passionate by software evolvability and quality, he studied and put in practice various methodologies that contribute to making software development a reliable engineering discipline. He remains a researcher in artificial intelligence, software quality and software testing.


About SkalUP

Self-founded in July 2015

Spin-off of the University of Namur

Based on 15 years academic research in : 

Software engineering

Artificial intelligence


Contact Us

Our office (n°430) is situated in Namur, at the heart of Wallonia, Belgium.

Feel free to contact us at any moment by e-mail at contact@skalup.com or via this form: