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Typical Projects


Solutions and products

Product configurators are key to customer engagement. Indeed, they allow them to create their dreamed offer without having to think about technical characteristics. 

Smart manufacturing

Taking customers needs into account is key, but real time data about your resources and processes could make the difference in a context of Industry 4.0. Optimise your orders by suggesting the best solutions for your customers and for you!

Advice and consulting

In consulting services, an AI based support empowers your experts by offloading the work on the usual cases, giving them more time for the specific problems that highlight your company expertise.


This also enables 24/7 service for simple demands with an AI based online consultant.


Components In Interaction

Configuration engine

SkalUP's number one specialty

Processes thousands of constraints simultaneously while guaranteeing instant response time

Powerful state-of-the-art language (TVL) capable of expressing a large variety of configuration rules (technical, business, legal…)

TVL’s structuring mechanisms allow easy short- and long-term evolution of configuration knowledge

Conflicts resolution and solution explanation

Recommendation engine

In e-commerce and sales industry, customer recommendations are made with regards to business rules such as selling highest margins first, showing the newest products to the loyal customers,... Our recommendation engine lets you express and manage all of those criteria easily !

Optimisation integration

In smart manufacturing, advising and consulting settings, optimisation tools give you the best outputs possible and saves you ressources.


Our Process


Needs analysis

SkalUP features renowned experts in requirements engineering. They would be glad to help you identifying your ideal solution.


Agile development

Our team is used to agile development and stays on top of the latest developments in computer science. You are involved in every phase of the project, making you a real actor of the solution creation



Once the development is over, our collaboration doesn't have to be. We stay around and offer long-term support for maintaining and upgrading the solution.


About Quality

All SkalUP's technology is developed according to the most stringent programming standards such as Design by ContractTest-driven development and Domain Driven Design.


This all translates to high-quality, highly-readable and easily maintainable software that can evolve with you.

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