Spin-off of the University of Namur at the heart of Wallonia, Belgium

About Our Founders


Dr. Patrick Heymans is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Namur where he teaches Software Engineering methods. There, he also leads a research lab specialized in knowledge-based configuration. His multi-awarded research work laid the foundations of a unique technology which is now exploited by SkalUP. He founded the company in 2015 with his associate Maxime Cordy.


His passion: making reliable mass-customization software become an affordable commodity regardless of the complexity and evolvability of its application domain.  


Dr. Maxime Cordy’s interests lie at the crossroads of mathematics, AI and software engineering. He is mainly interested in developing and applying automated software quality-assurance techniques such as advanced formal verification and advanced testing techniques. An increasing portion of his work deals with artificial intelligence both as the target of quality-assurance and as a facilitating tool to achieve it.


His passion: designing robust and evolvable software solutions to complex real-world problems, and configuration problems in particular.


About SkalUP’s engine

Created at the University of Namur

Commercialised since 2016

Based on 15 years academic research in : 

Software engineering

Artificial intelligence


Contact Us

Our office (n°430) is situated in Namur, at the heart of Wallonia, Belgium.

Feel free to contact us at any moment by e-mail at contact@skalup.com or via this form: