Guided selling

and product visualization

Easily capture the needs of your customers.

Guide them to the best solutions through

2D, 3D visualization and augmented reality.

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“When it took users hours to find and compare product alternatives in the past,

it now takes them only a couple of minutes. ”

François Goujon, Director of Digital Marketing at Conrad France

Product visualization

  • 2D Visualization
  • 3D Visualization
  • Augmented reality
2D Visualization
2D visualization

Let your customers experience clear and instructive 2D representation of their configured product. Your customers can easily set their desired dimensions and let SkalUP AI optimize space filling.

3D Visualization
3D modeling and visualization

Our 3D modeling and visualization allows your customers to even more project themselves in their ordered product. Let your customers see the 3D visualization directly in the configurator and place 3D images in the quote.

Augmented reality
100% immersive experience with augmented reality (AR)

From 3D to “real life” — let your customers configure their products and visualize them in their environment thanks to AR.

Easy navigation for everyone

Technical product characteristics are not always easy to grasp for your customers.

SkalUP helps you transform them into an intuitive, need-oriented questionnaire for your customers to easily find the best solution.

  • Expert or Novice mode 
  • Product choice
  • Configurator guidance 
Expert or Novice mode 

Let your configurator be as easy for experts as for novices. They will be guided to the best solution or will choose it by themselves.

Product choice

Lead your customers to the right product with easy questions on their intented usage (e.g. purpose, location and time of use...)

Configurator guidance 

Configure your product step-by-step with intuitive navigation and tabs

Show all needed information

Delivery time, assembly time, transportation costs, general properties... Show important information in real time to speed up your customers' decision making.

Fast answers

Complete solutions to the customers’ needs are computed automatically and on the fly, on the basis of your current product catalogue. Let your customers try out all the options they want until they are confident in their purchase decision.

Multi-lingual and multi-device

Make your configurator international. Offer the possibility to change language and only show products that are relevant for the customers' location.

Our responsive configurators run on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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