We handle complex offerings,

with multiple variants

Boost your configurator with a powerful state-of-the art constraint solver. No matter the complexity of your products, all types of constraints can be handled by SkalUP's AI engine : geometry, compatibility, usage, legal, merchandising...

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Configure, Optimize, Recommend

SkalUP’s AI engine was developed over more than 10 years of intense collaboration between our R&D lab and academia. The result is a powerful engine that can handle any type of product constraint and reasoning with extremely fast response time. All configured products are not only guaranteed to be valid but can also be optimized or ranked according to any combination of criteria (price, availability…).

Automate your

time-consuming calculations

Dimensions optimization

Stability calculation

All kind of index calculations

Legal compliance


With a simple, declarative constraint language

Three engines, one AI

Configuration engine

Processes thousands of constraints simultaneously with instant response time

Powerful state-of-the-art language (TVL) capable of expressing a large variety of configuration constraints (technical, business, legal…)

Structured low-code approach allows easy management and evolution of configuration knowledge

Resolves configuration conflicts and provides explanations

Recommendation engine

In e-commerce and sales, customer recommendations have to conform to business rules, e.g. suggesting compliant products with highest margins,... Our recommendation engine lets you express and manage all of those criteria easily !

Optimization integration

Maximizing your sales potential means leaving nothing to fate. To recommend the best solutions while increasing your profitability, strong optimization algorithms are at work and can be tuned to match your specific requirements.


We will contact you soon !

Leave us your e-mail address so that we can come back to you

Easy-to-use constraint langage

Discover SkalUP's TVL, an easy and intuitive language to model your business and product constraints. Learn how to express your constraints yourself and let your team maintain the configurator.

User-friendly workbench

We provide a complete web-based environment for prototyping, developing and testing your configuration knowledge.

Highly skilled professionals

If you prefer, the SkalUP team can also model your business knowledge for you, and integrate your configurator in your software ecosystem.


Code quality and integration

All of SkalUP's technology is developed according to the most stringent development standards such as Design by ContractTest-driven development and Domain Driven Design.


This translates into high-quality, highly readable and easily maintainable software that evolves with your business.

With easy-to-use APIs and modular architecture, our software interoperates smoothly with your software environment and website.

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